Trailblazer Program

Program Overview

Join the Trailblazer Series Program!

The GUHSDtech team believes Pear Deck, Actively and Flipgrid can build engagement, enhance creativity, and bolster critical thinking. We also understand that using a new tool takes some practice and that it gets easier the more you use it. To support this end, GUHSDtecth is happy to announce its Trailblazer Series program.


  • Select one or two tools
  • Program runs September 20 - December 13, 2019
  • Includes at least two meetings with a DLC to help create your plan
  • Complete Planning Guide document for Goal Setting and Lesson Reflections
  • Earn up to four hours of curriculum writing for successful completion of each program


(deadline to register is October 11)

(deadline to register is October 11)

Program Descriptions

Pear Deck Trailblazer

  • Three unique lessons or activities
  • Includes Flashcard Factory
  • Learn the Tool!

Flipgrid Trailblazer