Schoology is a learning management system with assessment and course content management to improve student performance, foster collaboration, and personalize learning.

With Schoology, GUHSD staff will be able to:

  • Auto-populate rosters from IC to Schoology

  • Sync Grades to Infinite Campus

  • Integrate content from Google Drive and other third party tools (e.g. Edpuzzle, CK-12, Wevideo, etc.)

  • Implement Mastery- and Standards-based grading

  • Develop Assessments with 17 different question types

  • Provide multiple methods of student feedback

  • Provide students with a multitude of response options (e.g. written, audio, audio/video, discussions, etc.)

  • Create, curate and share course resources with all stakeholders (e.g. students, parents, other staff, etc.)

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Why Schoology?

Schoology and GUHSD Infographic MASTER .pdf
Side by Side Google Classroom Schoology

Making It Happen In The Classroom

100 Level (Foundational)

For those new to Schoology or who want a refresher on core functionality. Contains instructional videos, illustrations, and support documentation for all core Schoology features.

200 Level (Intermediate)

For those who have completed 100 Level training and are looking to learn more about lesson design, workflow, integrating with other online tools, and other sophisticated features that complement core functionality.

Schoology 100: Teacher Reference Guide

Designing Your Schoology Space


Assessing in Schoology

Module 2

Diverse Learners

Connecting Your Favorite Tools

Using Your Favorite Tools

(LTI Apps)


Support + Troubleshooting

Schoology Support Options

All Schoology and GUHSD support options are detailed in this guide.

Schoology Troubleshooting Guide (ver. 2)


Frequently Asked Questions about Schoology services

GUHSD Schoology Resource- FAQ "Need to Know"

Troubleshooting Guide

Error Messages? Connection issues? Find solutions here!

Schoology Troubleshooting Guide

Google Classroom / Schoology Crosswalk

How Schoology features relate to Google Classroom

GC/SGY Crosswalk

Building a Support Ticket

Tips and protocols for how to submit a ticket to ETS and/or Schoology

Build a Better support ticket

Using LTI Apps

Instructions on how to install, set up and use LTI Apps in Schoology

GUHSD-Schoology: LTI Apps Resource Guide

Planning and Set Up

New Semester Course Setup

Set up your Schoology and Infinite Campus courses for a new semester.

New Semester Tech Set-Up (IC / SGY / GG)

Student Submission Directions

Instructions to copy/paste in your Schoology assignments to inform students how to submit work

Schoology Student Submission Directions

Syncing Grades to IC

Instructions on how to sync grades to Infinite Campus

How to Sync Grades to Infinite Campus

Convert ExamView Banks and Tests to SGY

ExamView will no longer work on Mac OS 10.15 or later. Convert your tests and banks to Schoology!

Examview/Schoology Conversion

Planning In "Resources"

Learn how to plan / create course content in Schoology Resources

Planning a Course in Resources

Co-Teaching and Classroom Aides

Resources and Recommendations for Using Schoology with a co-teacher and classroom aides

Collaborative Teaching and Support in Schoology