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Schoology is a learning management system with assessment and course content management to improve student performance, foster collaboration, and personalize learning.

With Schoology, GUHSD staff will be able to:

  • Auto-populate rosters from IC to Schoology

  • Sync Grades to Infinite Campus

  • Integrate content from Google Drive and other third party tools (e.g. Edpuzzle, CK-12, Wevideo, etc.)

  • Implement Mastery- and Standards-based grading

  • Develop Assessments with 17 different question types

  • Provide multiple methods of student feedback

  • Provide students with a multitude of response options (e.g. written, audio, audio/video, discussions, etc.)

  • Create, curate and share course resources with all stakeholders (e.g. students, parents, other staff, etc.)

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Why Schoology?

Our commitment to Schoology was built around the need for coherence in platforms. There is good research to show that family and student engagement increase steadily with one cohesive hub for all student work, info, reminders, grades, feedback, etc. Parents, students, and teachers all expressed that they had significant interest in a universal platform district-wide, and the research supports that. Additionally, Schoology's platform is far more robust than Google Classroom, offering us a strong path forward with our commitment to learning-centered grading and UDL. A side-by-side document showing the power of Schoology when compared to Google Classroom is included below on this page.

The selection of Schoology was made by a group of teachers after a presentation by both Schoology and Canvas in May 2019. This document outlines the process. Invitations to be a part of the group went out to all department chairs, GEA leadership, tech coordinators, everyone who attended a Ninja training since 2015, 9th-grade geography/technology teachers, application support, and administrators.

Schoology is now the official LMS of GUHSD. The central office staff is focusing their support and integration efforts on Schoology. Because multiple platforms in play undermines the integrity of having a universal tool, and keeps the student and family experience convoluted Student access to Google classroom is being sunset on July 1, 2022. Schoology is what we offer and support as a digital classroom workflow tool. At this time, approximately 84% of our teachers have been fully trained in Schoology 100 and/or are using Schoology with some degree of fidelity district wide.

Schoology and GUHSD Infographic MASTER .pdf
Side by Side Google Classroom Schoology

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