Digital Citizenship


Effective July 2014, the Grossmont Union High School District Governing Board adopted a new Responsible Use Policy and Digital Citizenship Program. The goals of this program include:

Teaching digital citizenship does not fall solely to the technology teacher. Anyone who teaches with technology needs to formally and informally teach digital citizenship! Here are the main themes can be infused into what you already do.

Making It Happen In The Classroom

Digital Citizenship Webinar

All 9th grade and new GUHSD students must complete the GUHSDtech Digital Citizenship Webinar. Please do not send students to this page - copy and paste the URL and distribute to students via Schoology or other method.

Webinar Links

Other Language Versions

Alternative Webinar for EL and SPED Classes

ALTERNATIVE Digital Citizenship Webinar

The GUHSDtech Digital Citizenship Webinar may not be suitable for all classroom settings. This alternative solution was designed to meet the needs of classes with students who would otherwise have difficulty completing the Digital Citizenship Webinar in one class period.


There are two parts of the alternative webinar.

Process for Teacher

Alternative Digital Citizenship Presentation

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Digital Citizenship Webinar - Presentation

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Alternative Digital Citizenship Webinar Forms

Please do NOT share this website with students. Copy the URL and distribute it to students via Schoology or another method.



Who needs to take it?

When do they need to take it?

Who should coordinate it?

Do all students need to take the same webinar?

There are two versions available:

Who has access to the spreadsheets?

Will there be changes in our Digital Citizenship program in the near future?


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