Wifi Access

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Wireless Access Guidelines

  • Staff can use the wireless network for their personal devices, including smart phones and tablets.

  • Staff should not share their network credentials with others.

  • Staff should not log into student devices - personal or school-owned.

Guest Access

  • If temporary guest access is needed for a non-GUHSD adult, contact your Technology Specialist.

Student Access

  • Student devices (Chromebooks, etc.) need to be configured by your Technology Specialist.

  • Currently, student devices are not allowed on the GUHSD wireless network.

Staff Wireless Access in GUHSD

Use these job aids to help you connect to the "guhsd" SSID. Contact your Technology Specialist if you have problems connecting after reviewing the instructions below.

  • Mac OS 10.6+ (Teacher computers)

  • Windows 7

  • Chromebook (Only staff Chromebooks)

  • Other Devices Use the Following:

    • Security: WPA2-Enterprise

    • Encryption: AES

    • Authentication: PEAP

SSID = a wireless network name