VAPA-specific Technology

Curriculum & Instruction

Adobe Creative Cloud Logo

Creative Cloud is a collection of 20+ apps for photography, video, design, web, UX, and social media — plus integrated essentials like color palettes, ...

Document Camera and Screencasting Logos

Create video tutorials for your students using tools like Screencastify, Docucam, and Wevideo.

Edpuzzle Logo

Take any public video (YouTube, Vimeo, self-made, etc.) and turn it into a customized lesson for your students. With EDpuzzle, you can create content for any subject area, and assign it to a single student or to entire classes.

Student Artwork: Display + Critique

Digital Portfolio Icon

Digital portfolios are the modern version of the student portfolio that has traditionally been in a folder or binder. A digital portfolio provides students with the opportunity to create, reflect, be active in their learning and demonstrate their growth over time.

Google Forms and Artsteps Logos

Online Student Art Galleries

Google Sites

Student submits online artwork through a form and art piece appears on the google site with the click of a button. Searchable and customizable (See Example here). Ask a DLC for help building it.


Online art museum. Interactive and navigable. Custom-created by teacher.

Schoology and Padlet Icons

Artwork Critiques

Student posts work to be viewed and critiqued by others.

Supplemental Technology Resources

Unsplash and Pexels Icons

Free Stock Images

Free stock images for student projects.

Dafont, Adobe Fonts, Google Fonts Icons

Custom Fonts

Create and customize stylish and unique fonts.

Coolors Icon

Custom Colors

Create custom color palettes and color-match for better design.

Sketchfab and Mixamo Icons

Online Interactives

Explore and manipulate online 3D models.


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