With EDpuzzle, you can take any public video (YouTube, Vimeo, self-made, etc.) and turn it into a customized lesson for your students. With EDpuzzle, you can create content for any subject area, and assign it to a single student or to entire classes.

Some of EDpuzzle's features include:

  • Trimming video so you can use only what you need

  • Inserting audio comments, text comments, open-ended or multiple choice questions

  • Integrating with Schoology

  • Showing you which students watched and how they responded

  • Grading dashboard features to streamline and evaluate student progress

Making It Happen in the Classroom


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Written instructions on how create and manage EdPuzzle lessons and content.

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Playlist of video tutorials. All you want to know and more!

EdPuzzle Teacher Example

This is a teacher-created demo to show you some of the features as seen from the student view.