Digital Portfolios


Why Portfolios?

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Digital portfolios are the modern version of the student portfolio that has traditionally been in a folder or binder. A digital portfolio provides students with the opportunity to create, reflect, be active in their learning and demonstrate their growth over time. The power of a digital portfolio is the ability to expand the audience that can view what a student has created. This audience could include peers in their school, district or across the world, parents, business partners, colleges/universities, trade schools and potential employers.

The preferred platform for a student digital portfolio in GUHSD is Schoology or Google Sites. Student have access to Schoology and Google Sites through their GUHSD Google Apps for Education account.

Types of Portfolios


Learning Over Time

This type of digital portfolio demonstrates a global view of a student’s skills, knowledge and performance. As well as academic and personal growth over time. 

What it looks like in 9th Grade:

What it looks like in 10th-12th:

Three Medals: First, Second, Third Place


This type of digital portfolio highlights a student's best work and is created at the end of a course, school year or school career. 

What it looks like in 12th grade:

Portfolio Examples

9-12 Portfolio. Started in 9th grade.

Ongoing work, Lit Circle in 10th grade

Link to Digital Portfolio

Graduate Profile Portfolio

Schoology Logo

Personal Achievements and Growth Portfolio

Schoology Logo

Course-Level portfolio.

Making It Happen In The Classroom

Google Sites

Teacher Preparation


Teacher Preparation



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