Padlet is a virtual bulletin board that allows students to post content (e.g. images, videos, documents, text) on a "wall". Padlets are versatile and can be used by both teachers and students. Teachers can create a Padlet and allow all students to post on a single wall, students can create a group Padlet, or a student can create an individual Padlet. Since Padlets are web-based, they can easily be shared with a URL, making feedback and grading an easy process.

Learn the Basics

Making It Happen In The Classroom

Teacher Preparation

A Padlet wall can be created on the fly or in advance.

  1. Go to and create an account (although you don't need one to build a wall).

  2. Once you are in, you can hit the "+" icon on the right panel to create a wall.

  3. Choose Wall, Canvas, Stream, or Grid

  4. "Modify" your Wall by adding a title, description (or prompt), and determining your privacy settings. You can always go back and make these changes, by clicking on the gear or share icons.

    1. Title and Description: Properly name it and provide instructions or a prompt for your students.

    2. Layout: Determine if you want it to be freeform or in a linear stream

    3. Privacy: You can password protect your wall, make it public, or keep it private

    4. Address: You can customize the URL of the Padlet

  5. Once it is all set up, you can copy the URL and link it on a doc, website or Schoology.

Lesson Implementation

Teacher Created

  1. Have students open up the URL from your doc, website or Schoology. If you have a password, provide it to students

  2. Show students how to add a post (or just describe it)

  3. Let them add to the wall

  4. Review

Student Created

  1. Show students how to create an individual or group Padlet

  2. Show students how to add posts

  3. Let them add content

  4. Collect Padlet links on a Google Form for review

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