Bring interactive, engaging Google Slides presentations and Vocabulary Lessons to your classroom with PearDeck. Seemelssly elicit student thinking and create real-time formative assessments and discussions to enhance understanding and empower your students' learning process. To accomplish this, all teachers in GUHSD now have access to TWO premium features of PearDeck:

  1. Pear Deck (with Google Slides)
  2. Pear Deck Vocabulary

Pear Deck w/ Google Slides

Pear Deck Vocabulary

  • Enhance frequency and efficacy of relevant formative assessment data
  • Elicit student thinking of and interaction with lesson content
  • Scaffold critical thinking of core concepts and skills
  • Increase access and equity to quality instructional materials
  • Amplify student engagement with lesson content
  • Produce student-generated vocabulary sets with Flashcard Factory
  • Export Flashcard Factory vocabulary cards to GimKit (How-To Video)
  • Facilitate collaborative competition
  • Develop student ownership of course work
  • Amplify student engagement with lesson content

Making it Happen in the Classroom

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