Actively Learn


Actively Learn is a literacy development tool that allows teachers to embed questions, notes, and multimedia into texts so students are interacting with the reading material on a more meaningful level. It can be used in any content area! Learn more about "Why Actively Learn?" here.

With Actively Learn, teachers can choose from a wide-range of ready-made assignments across the content areas, or they can custom design their own reading lessons by importing google docs, PDFs, and online articles.

All GUHSD students and staff have access to the Premium features of Actively Learn.

Making It Happen in the Classroom

Learn the Tool!

  1. Watch Actively Learn How To Tutorial
  2. Practice first!! Create and assign a reading to a practice class - add yourself as a student and do the assignment.

Use With Students

  1. Create your Class and Add students
  2. Identify your lesson objectives and purpose
  3. Search for articles in AL or Import your own
  4. Customize Article
    • What media, questions, and structure support your objectives / purpose?
    • What supports will your students need?
    • What will your students be doing as they read? How will they interact?
  5. Assign Article
  6. Grade and provide feedback on student performance
  7. Reflect on the lesson experience - what will you keep / change for your next lesson?