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Every student has a voice - amplify and empower it! Students record short, authentic videos and can reply to each other’s videos. Educators are 100% in control with video moderation, access controls, and much more.

Making It Happen In The Classroom

Get Inspired!

  1. Review 25 Ways to Use Flipgrid in the Classroom

Learn the Tool

  1. Watch Flipgrid How To Tutorial

    • or Review Page 2 of the Educator's Guide to Flipgrid (see right)

    • or Refer to Pages 3 - 11 of the Educator's Guide to Flipgrid

  2. Practice first!! Create a grid /topic and add some responses to experience the process.

Use with Students*

  1. Identify your lesson objectives and purpose

  2. Share the Making Good Video Responses Checklist with students

  3. Create a Grid

  4. Create a Topic within the Grid

  5. Provide Students with link / join code

  6. View and respond to responses as determined by your lesson objectives and purpose

*You may want to practice with students so they learn the tool as well before you dive into content-related discussions.

Educator's Guide to Flipgrid.pdf


GUHSD Library


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Flipgrid's official Help Center.

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Not sure how to use Flipgrid with students or your curriculum? The Flipgrid Educator Innovation Team has suggestions for you!