Options for dynamic digital presentations. Presentation web tools help students to increase their digital literacy, learn how to design engaging presentations and provide access to their product online.


Google Slides - Create slideshow presentations. Insert images, videos, charts, graphs, text, shapes, clip art, etc.

Google Drawing - Create posters and more. Insert images, charts, graphs, text, shapes, clip art, etc.

Emaze - Create visually appealing and engaging professionalpresentations.


Create single page posters, infographics, or charts from a selection of templates. Insert text, photos, graphs and charts. The presentation-mode breaks up the poster into slides.


Create animated and visually appealing presentations with this drag and

drop tool. Export as movie to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


A single slide presentation that allows for the presenter to zoom in and out, move to and from images / text in a fluid manner. Prezi Edu Enjoy accounts for students and teachers.


Simple "How To" pages.

Making it Happen in Your Classroom

Teacher Preparation

  1. Develop the presentation requirements
  2. Consider how you would like students to plan / outline their presentation
  3. Introduce presentation techniques
  4. Develop a collection plan

Lesson Implementation

  1. Push out the presentation requirements via Google Classroom
  2. Provide students the screencast tutorials they will need to learn the basics of the tool.
  3. Let them create.
  4. Review and/or present collected presentations.
  5. Optional: Have students ...
    • present in small groups
    • view presentations online individually or in small groups and provide feedback via a Google Form