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Create drawings, graphics, and posters that can be shared with another individual or up to 50 people. Google Drawings are stored in Google Drive and can be made public to the world.

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How To Playlist

Making it Happen in Your Classroom

Teacher Preparation

  1. Determine the type of product you would like students to create

  2. Develop the requirements

  3. Decide what design techniques, resources you will provide students

  4. Consider how you would like students to plan / sketch their product

  5. Develop a collection plan

Lesson Implementation

  1. Push out the Drawings requirements via Schoology

  2. Provide students the screencast tutorials they will need to learn the basics of the tool.

  3. Let them create.

  4. Review and/or present collected Drawings.

  5. Optional: Have students ...

    • present in small groups

    • view the Drawings online individually or in small groups and provide feedback via a Google Form