Google Takeout

Leaving the Grossmont District?

If you are graduating, changing jobs, or moving schools, you can take all of your Google data with you!

For all services except Google Sites, simply follow the steps below for using Google Takeout. This tool allows you to download all of your Google-related items. You can then transfer or upload those items to a personal, university, or other Google account

Process for using Google Takeout:

Takeout will allow you to transfer or export Drive files, Docs, Presentations, Sheets, images, mail, calendar events, etc. You cannot simply share Google files with an account outside GUHSD and transfer ownership.

Step One: Gmail and Drive

  1. Create a new personal Google Account.

  2. Log into your GUHSD account.

  3. Visit the Google Takeout page.

  4. Enter the destination account (your personal Gmail account)

  5. Send and retrieve the code from your personal account.

  6. Verify destination account.

  7. Select content to copy.

  8. If you are only moving Files from Gmail and Drive, you can stop here. If you have files in other Google products, move on to Step Two below.

More details are on the Google Takeout Help Page.

Step Two: Other Google Products

(Blogger, YouTube, Calendar, Contacts, etc.)
  1. Log into your Google account.

  2. Visit the Google Takeout page.

  3. Select the services your want to export.

  4. Once the export is complete, download the .zip file to a Mac or PC.

  5. In your alternative Google Account, go into Drive and upload the .zip file.

More details are on the Google Products Takeout Help Page.

For instructions on how to transfer a Google Site to another account, click here.

Please Note: Google accounts are disabled for graduating seniors on July 30.

Logos of various Google Apps for Education Applications falling into a box