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Instructional Technology Team (GUHSDtech)

On May 9, On May 9th the Governing Board determined that all positions in the GUHSDtech department were “particular kinds of services” that are no longer needed, rendering instructional support for Chromebooks, Schoology, and all classroom-centered technology programs unavailable moving forward.

The GUHSDtech website will remain live, but will no longer be updated, nor will any of its resources. 

We apologize that we will be unable to continue to support you in our positions doing the work that we loved. 

An enormous “Thank You” is owed to to Dan McDowell for his vision and leadership in creating the FutureForward 1:1 program and GUHSDtech over a decade ago, and to the all of the DLCs (Reuben Hoffman, John Berray, April Baker, Franz Ruiz, Matt Norris, Travis Engstrand, and Brent Enerva) who have been part of the tremendous effort it has taken to grow our innovative program into what it became, and who were the first ever recipient’s of the Superintendent’s Core Values Award in 2022.

The biggest way to honor the legacy of the GUHSDtech and FutureForward programs is to continue to bring an Innovator’s Mindset and a risk-taking spirit to your teaching journey. Continue to learn with and from each other. GUHSD teachers have taught 1:1 longer than most San Diego County districts and have been set up with a reputation of deeply dedicated teachers leveraging cutting-edge tools and practices. Keep that going! Hold your heads, and your standards high. 

In the past, the GUHSDtech team supported the mission of GUHSD and its school sites by facilitating effective use of best practices in instructional and assistive technology.

We achieved this mission via our core values: