Digital Instruction


Explore and consider why design matters when creating digital lessons!

GUHSDtech believes the deliberate creation and implementation of lessons is paramount to student success.

We believe the following Digital Lesson Design Templates and Resource Guides can support teachers in their quest to establish a more meaningful, relevant, and rigorous learning experience for our 21st century learners.

Making It Happen In The Classroom

1. Choose a Digital Instruction Template

Project Templates

(Challenge / Engage / Explore / Apply / Reflect / Share / Assess)

Lesson Templates

(Challenge / Engage / Explore / Apply)

Digital Project Template 1
Digital Project Template 3
Digital Project Template 2
Digital Project Template 4
Digital Lesson Template 1

Lesson Template 1

Digital Lesson Template 3

Lesson Template 3

Digital Lesson Template - Science Version 1

Science Lesson Template

Digital Lesson Template 2

Lesson Template 2

Digital Lesson Template 4

Lesson Template 4

2. Use our Digital Lesson Resource Guide to help you develop the components of your lesson

Project Lesson Design Resource Guide

3. Deliver completed Digital Lesson to students