GUHSDtech Ninja Program

GUHSD Ninja 2.0 Program with black and white masked ninja logo

Designing Innovative Learning Experiences

Ninja 2.0 builds on the idea that our students need opportunities to gain and demonstrate their learning through innovative learning experiences. Using George Couros’s Eight Characteristics of an Innovator’s Mindset as a foundation, subject-area teachers will build an understanding of how to create transformative projects and lessons. This is not just about teacher innovation, but creating opportunities for students to be innovative.

Ninja 2.0 is about ...

  • Reflecting on current and past teaching practices
  • Integrating the 4Cs to provide students with 21st-century skills
  • Leveling up by pushing projects into modification and redefinition
  • Taking instructional risks
  • Building a collaborative network of subject area teachers

Program outline

  • Day 1 - Innovator’s Mindset and Project Design (9/19 or 9/20)
  • Day 2 - Project Development (10/18 or 10/19)
  • Day 3 - Reflect, Share, Celebrate, and Continue Innovating (2/7 or 2/8)

Ninja 2.0 Reading List

Please read these prior to the first meeting.