Alternative Digital Citizenship Webinar


The GUHSDtech Digital Citizenship Webinar may not be suitable for all classroom settings. This alternative solution was designed to meet the needs of classes with students who would otherwise have difficulty completing the Digital Citizenship Webinar in one class period.


There are two parts of the alternative webinar.

  1. A Google Slide Presentation - The teacher can use this presentation to verbally review the major concepts of the webinar. There are three videos, some discussion questions, and two scenarios.
  2. A Google Form - Students are still expected to complete a form that records that they agree to the different parts of the Responsible Use Policy. This shortened form needs to be done after the presentation. Links to the school forms can be found on the right side of this page. This part is necessary to track what students have completed the Digital Citizenship Webinar Activity.

Process for Teacher

  1. Present the Digital Citizenship Google Slide Presentation to students. Use the text and questions to guide your students through the content.
  2. Distribute the URL of the Google Form to your students via Google Classroom or other method. Have them complete it.

Alternative Digital Citizenship Presentation

Open this presentation in a new tab.

Digital Citizenship Webinar - Presentation

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Alternative Digital Citizenship Webinar Forms

Please do NOT share this website with students. Copy the URL and distribute it to students via Google Classroom or another method.