Chromebook Initiative


The Grossmont Union High School District is excited to announce that over 5000 Chromebooks will be distributed to campuses across the district in the next 18 months!

One of the many purposes of the Common Core Standards involves providing students with the opportunity to build digital literacy skills that complement and reinforce critical thinking, reading, writing, math computations, creativity, and the numerous other instructional goals specific to each subject.

The state has given the Grossmont Union High School District one-time money to help implement the Common Core standards and begin the modernization of instructional practices. As part of that process, we are going to be rolling out over 70 Classroom Sets of Chromebooks in the next 10 months to subject-area teams at all sites in three stages starting this winter.

In order to ensure maximum use, an application process will be instituted that gives teacher teams an opportunity to apply for a Classroom Set of Chromebooks. Priority will be given in this order due to the accountability measures in place for 11th graders in 2015: Teachers of grade 10, 9, and then 11 / 12. These sets will be distributed based upon student population. The first stage will involve two teams from each comprehensive high school with two additional sets available for the other sites.

Across the district, this initiative will allow us to build a culture of innovation where students are gaining access to cutting-edge tools and instructional practices while preparing for the Smarter Balanced assessments.

Teachers involved in this initiative will agree to the following criteria:

  • Actively use the Chromebooks with students beyond test preparation.
  • Attend all prescribed professional development.
  • Create a two-year technology integration plan after the required professional development. This includes creating and implementing at least four technology-based lessons that align to specific Common Core technology literacy practices as outlined in the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Share best practices and challenges with your school, other teacher teams, and in an online forum.
  • Have a team or teacher website. *
  • Bring all team members up to a basic level of technology literacy. **

* Online resources will be provided and an optional Google Sites workshop will be offered for teachers needing to build or update their website.

** Teachers may be asked to complete a set of tutorials before the Chromebooks are delivered to ensure that a baseline of teacher skills exist. This will be determined based upon the individual teacher application.

Please note this program has been replaced with FutureForward.

Chromebook Classroom Set Initiative Resources

Stack of six Chromebooks