Read & Write for Google


Supporting students through the reading and writing process is crucial. The Read&Write for Google app is designed to enhance literacy instruction and skill acquisition by supporting students by offering features like:

  • In document dictionary

  • Text-to-speech AND Speech-to-Text

  • Fact Finder "more information" research button

  • Text translator

  • Highlighting

  • Collecting highlights

  • Collecting vocabulary

When students can actively engage with texts, their ability to make meaning and think critically increases. All students in GUHSD have access to Read&Write for Google, and it can be utilized in all content areas.

Making It Happen in the Classroom

Teacher Preparation

Read&Write Google requires that students use their GUHSD Google accounts for access. When they open a Google Doc, they will see a drop down tab that looks like this:

  1. Push out reading or writing assignment

  2. Provide instructions for marking up the document.

  3. Decide what will be collected for feedback/grading.

Lesson Implementation

  1. Show students how to use the Read&Write features.

    1. Whole class instruction by projecting sample document.

    2. Individual instruction by providing access to screencasts.

  2. Have students open up the document, online article or PDF.

  3. Let them go.

  4. Monitor student progress.

  5. Review collected final products.

How-To Tutorials

Resources / Examples

Lesson Examples

Screen shot of a sample vocabulary worksheet

Collecting Vocabulary

Screen shot of highlighting in a document

Highlighting Content

Screen shot of collected highlights from a document

Collecting Highlights