Digital Portfolio Resources

Why Digital Portfolios?

Digital portfolios are the modern version of the student portfolio that has traditionally been in a folder or binder. A digital portfolio provides students with the opportunity to create, reflect, be active in their learning and demonstrate their growth over time. The power of a digital portfolio is the ability to expand the audience that can view what a student has created. This audience could include peers in their school, district or across the world, parents, business partners, colleges/universities, trade schools and potential employers.


Stage 1: Learning Portfolio

This type of digital portfolio demonstrates a global view of a student’s skills, knowledge and performance. As well as academic and personal

growth over time.

What if looks like in 9th Grade:

  • Students will set up digital portfolio and organization structure in their 9th grade technology / geo-tech course. A school site may choose to develop and have students use a general school specific portfolio template.
  • The 9th grade technology / geo-tech course will provide the foundational skills needed for students to independently manage their digital portfolios.
  • Artifacts and reflections are added throughout school year for all courses. Generally, at least one to three artifacts with reflections should be added for each course, each semester.

What it looks like in 10th-12th:

  • Students will continue adding one to three artifacts and reflections, for each course, each semester.

Stage 2: Showcase Portfolio

This type of digital portfolio highlights a student's best work and is created at the end of a course, school year or school career.

What it looks like in 12th grade:

  • In a senior-only course (English or Social Studies) students will review their Learning Portfolio and identify areas of growth, biggest achievements, etc.
  • Students will curate their findings in a new website, presentation, or other multimedia format. This can include class presentations, videos, screencasts, etc.
  • Ideally, students will present their Showcase Portfolio to a live or virtual audience for feedback.

Questions / Staff Training / Collaborative Planning

Digital Learning Coaches are available to answer any questions and to support any staff training or collaborative planning. Complete the DLC Support Request and we will schedule time.

Digital Portfolio Platform

The preferred platform for a student digital portfolio in GUHSD is Google Sites. Student have access to Google Sites through their GUHSD Google Apps for Education account.

Digital Portfolios

Digital Portfolio screen shot

Digital Portfolios: Student Instructions

Use the Create Your Digital Portfolio as a guide for your students.

"New" Google Sites Tutorials

"Classic" Google Sites Tutorials

Making it Happen in Your Classroom

Teacher Preparation

  1. Decide what content / pages you would like your students to add to their digital portfolio.
  2. Provided your students with the Create Your Digital Portfolio doc.
  3. Determine how students will share their website address (URL).