Bookshare is an online accessible digital library for people with disabilities that affect the reading of print, such as blindness, vision impairment, dyslexia and certain physical disabilities.

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Making It Happen in the Classroom

Who Qualifies to Use Bookshare

In order to become a Bookshare member, an expert must confirm that you have a print disability that prevents you from reading traditional print materials. Anyone in the world with a qualifying print disability may join Bookshare.

People with hearing loss, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or emotional or intellectually disabilities or whose first language is not English generally do not qualify based on those criteria unless they also have a qualifying vision, physical, or learning disability.

For more information about who qualifies visit: Bookshare Qualifications

In The Classroom

If using Bookshare on a Chromebook or Webreader, you'll need to add the following extensions.

District Contact

For more information about Bookshare, contact Bijul Dalal, GUHSD Assistive Technology Teacher at