Google Sites for Teacher Websites


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Why should I have a teacher website? Why Google Sites?

In GUHSD our recommended and only supported website creation tool is Google Sites. Sites is part of our Google Apps for Education account and it integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, Presentations, and Calendar.

Additionally, it is surprisingly easy to create and maintain.

Making It Happen in the Classroom

Google Sites Tutorial Playlist

Website Essentials

The following items are recommended for classroom websites:

  • Syllabus for each course taught

  • Contact information

  • List of courses taught

    • Assignments, exam dates, etc. (As a list, on a calendar, by unit, etc.)

Additional Items might include:

  • Unit calendars

  • Links to online assignments, resources, etc.

  • Photographs

  • Classroom news updates


Multiple Teachers / Shared Subject

Other Options

  • Clubs & Extracurricular Groups / Teams

  • PLC Curriculum Development