Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions

If you are signed-in to Chrome, you are able to add extra functionality through the installation of Extensions.

An Extension adds some sort of functionality across all tabs and windows of your browser. Extensions can be accessed through the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Extensions for Students

Extensions for Students Request Form - If there is an Extension you would like students to be able to access and install, please submit your request.

Recommended Extensions for Teachers

  • Extensity - Chrome extensions manager. Quickly enable and disable extensions.
  • AdBlock - Blocks ads all over the web.
  • URL Shortener - Shorten the current website URL with the Google URL Shortener service
  • Send from Gmail - Click the button to share a webpage via Gmail
  • Share to Classroom - Click the button to share a webpage in Google Classroom
  • One Tab - Click button to pull all tabs into one list.
  • Clipboard History - Keeps a memory of all of the items you saved to your clipboard.
  • TabScissors - Splits the browser window into 2 equal parts, placing a tab in each window.
  • TabGlue - Pulls the split windows back to one.
  • Screencastify - Create a screencast, upload it to Drive or YouTube (or download it).
  • G Suite Training - provides interactive, in-application training for Google Apps