Chrome Browser

Why Use Google Chrome?

GUHSD teachers and students use the Google Apps for Education suite of tools and they perform best in Chrome. Additionally, Chromebooks only run the Chrome browser.

Sign in to Chrome

When using Chrome on your PC or Mac, you can sign into Chrome. This allows you to sync your bookmarks, bookmark bar, apps, history, passwords, and extensions across any device that runs Chrome.

Below is a short screencast on how to do it. Google also has an informational page about signing into Chrome.

Chrome and the Chrome color wheel

Chrome on a Chromebook

You log into Chrome as part of the process of logging into the machine.

Log Into Multiple Chrome Accounts

On your PC or Mac, you can log into multiple accounts (e.g. your AND a consumer account). Click here for information on Multiple Accounts. Both accounts would be available in different windows in Chrome. This does NOT work on a Chromebook.