Digital Citizenship Webinar FAQ

Who needs to take it?

  • All 9th-grade students at ALL sites
  • All new students to GUHSD

When do they need to take it?

  • In the first 8 weeks of school

Who should coordinate it?

  • That is a site decision, however, tech coordinators at most sites last year were part of this process. A VP should also be involved in communicating its importance with teachers.
  • Generally, it happened in Social Studies / Tech or English since those are the only pure 9th grade classes at most schools

Do all students need to take the same webinar?

There are two versions available:

  1. The Digital Citizenship Webinar - It is in a Google Form and students navigate through it - watching several videos, answering questions, and reading several passages. Most students should take this one. More information is on the Digital Citizenship Page.
  2. The Alternative Digital Citizenship Webinar - In response to last year's concerns from Special Ed and EL teachers that the above version was too difficult for some students, an alternative activity is available. It involves a presentation that the teacher can lead a class through. Once the teacher finishes the presentation, students complete a short form agreeing to various parts of the RUP. This second part allows us to track that students have gone through the webinar.

Where do I find the webinars?

Who has access to the spreadsheets?

  • Technology Coordinators and Principals have been given access to the two spreadsheets. Additional people can be added by either of those people or you can request Dan to add others to it.

Will there be changes in our Digital Citizenship program in the near future?


  • Guides for our main digital citizenship topics are being created along with a curated set of resources for teachers.
  • Next year, all 9th and 11th-grade students will be required to take the webinar. The 11th-grade version will include a section on preparing for post-high school digital life.

If you have any questions, please contact dmcdowell@guhsd.net

Webinar Links

All 9th grade and new GUHSD students must complete the GUHSDtech Digital Citizenship Webinar. Please do not send students to this page - copy and paste the URL and distribute to students via Google Classroom or other method.

Other Language Versions

Alternative Webinar for EL and SPED Classes.

An alternative presentation and form is available. Visit the Digital Citizenship Alternative Webinar Information page for more information.