Google Geo Tools: Engage & Explore


Google Earth, Streetview, and Arts & Culture allow for an unprecedented, immersive look at Earth's places, people, and past. Utilize these resources to help your students engage with your content in a unique way and explore the diverse, unique, and historical locations and creations of the blue planet and its people.

Take a trip into the new Google Earth and

experience the blue planet in a new way. Explore the Google Earth’s new features, layout, and design through the lens of classroom instruction and student engagement.


Enter Google Maps and drop yourself into a 3D location of your choice or start from the Streetview app. Navigate through numerous locations as if you were there.


A website that houses hundreds of collections and stories from around the world. Collections can be comprised of 360-degree images, 3D models, still images, and more from locations, buildings, and museums around the world.