Google VR


Google offers a variety of products to experience and create virtual reality experiences for the classroom. These innovative educational opportunities have the potential to transform classroom engagement and instructional practice.

GUHSD Teachers can guide students through a VR lesson using Google Expeditions app and Google Cardboard VR headsets - SEE CHECKOUT FORM BELOW.

Equipment includes:

  1. iPad (for teacher)
    • w/ installed Google Expeditions app
  2. Class set of iPods (for students)
    • w/ installed Google Expeditions app
  3. Class set of Google Cardboard VR headsets

What VR content is available to use with my students?

Google Expeditions

Google Arts & Culture Institute

  • Website that houses hundreds of collections and stories from around the world. Collections can be comprised of 360-degree images, 3D models, still images, and more from locations, buildings, and museums around the world.

Google Street View

  • Navigable, interactive 360-degree images of the world. Wherever you want to sightsee - you can - and at ground level!

Can teachers / students create their own VR content?

Google VR Tour Creator

  • Build immersive, VR experience on your laptop. Use your own 360 images or use any found in Google Street View.

Cardboard Camera App

  • Create 360-degree photos with your iPhone or Android smartphone. No 360 camera needed!

Making It Happen In Your Classroom

  1. Identify your lesson Objectives / Purpose
  2. Identify Google Expedition VR content that supports your objectives / purpose
  3. Complete the Virtual Reality Equipment Checkout Form
    • A DLC will contact you and confirm dates and times of VR use
  4. Review the Optimizing Your VR Experience Guide
    • This guide offers suggestions for creating the optimal learning environment for you and your students
    • It also offers a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process of using Google Expeditions and Google Cardboard to guide your students through virtual reality experiences.
  5. Create your VR-infused lesson!
    • Check out our Digital Lesson Templates
  6. Implement your lesson with/without DLC in-class support

Google VR Tour Creator Teacher Resource Guide

  • This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of: 1) Creating a VR Tour using Google VR Tour Creator and 2) Implementing the VR experience in the classroom with students.