Google VR


Google offers a variety of products to experience and create virtual reality experiences for the classroom.

GUHSD Teachers can guide students through a VR lesson using Google Expeditions app and/or create virtual reality content with or for their students with Google VR Tour Creator.

To support these opportunities, GUHSD teachers can Check Out Virtual Reality Equipment to use with their students or to simply start experimenting.

Equipment Includes:

  • iPad (for teacher)
  • iPods (for students)
  • VR Headsets (for students)
  • Theta 360 photo cameras (optional - for creating VR 360 photos)

EXPLORE VR Content With Your Students

Teachers can guide students through virtual reality lessons! A "Guide" (aka Teacher) leads "participants" (aka students) through points of interest (POI) within a series of 360 image environments. VR Lessons contain scripted informational content and comprehension questions. Guide also has options to direct students to specific areas within an image and annotate the image. See It In Action Here.

Search VR Expeditions Content

Teacher Considerations

Ready to Make it Happen or Experiment with the Equipment?

Questions? Want to Ideate?


Website that houses collections of 360-degree images, 3D models, still images, and more from locations, buildings, and museums around the world.

Navigable, interactive 360-degree images of the world. Wherever you want to sightsee - you can - and at ground level.

CREATE VR Content With Your Students

Build immersive, VR experiences with your Chromebooks! Use your own 360 photos (see Theta camera below) or use any images found in Google Street View within Tour Creator.

Teachers and students can both create their own VR content and share with others!

Ready to Make it Happen or Experiment with the Equipment?

Questions? Want to Ideate?


Theta 360 Camera

Take 360-degree photos and use them to create customized Virtual Reality lessons/experiences with Google Tour Creator (see above).

Take 360-degree photos with your iPhone or Android smartphone. Use with Google Tour Creator (see above)

Making It Happen In Your Classroom


  1. Identify your Lesson Objectives / Purpose
  2. Identify Google Expedition VR content that supports your objectives / purpose OR Have your students create their own VR content with Tour Creator.
  3. Check VR Equipment Availability by browsing the VR Use Calendar.
    • NOTE: Events listed are already taken and are NOT AVAILABLE.
  4. Complete the Virtual Reality Equipment Checkout Form
    • A DLC will contact you to set up an initial meeting and confirm dates and times of VR use
  5. Review the Optimizing Your Classroom for a VR Lesson
  6. Review the Google Expeditions Teacher Implementation Guide
  7. Create your VR-infused lesson!
  8. Implement your lesson with/without DLC in-class support.

VR Equipment Use Calendar

The listed dates and times are NOT AVAILABLE

VR Equipment Checkout Form