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World Languages - Day 2

World Languages #EduWin
Quickfire Challenge
  • Short, timed challenges to increase student engagement, skills, collaboration and content knowledge. 
Living the Language
  • Do you want your students to speak the target language more and have fun? Try VoiceThread. You can create threads that allow students to practice listening and speaking even when you’re not present. You also can use VoiceThread to conduct assessments, which saves time and effort, and much more!

Breakouts  Choose one of the following sessions

Session 1 
  • My maps: 
    • Students use Google Maps to create personalized maps for any type of project
    • Can add descriptions, photos, website links
    • Use for culture, food, famous people, historical events
    • Plan trips, create scavenger hunts

Session 2
  • Teaching through dialogues and audio story reading: 

Demo Slams - Quick tips and tricks in under 2 minutes

Think Tank - An opportunity to get feedback on a prospective lesson, unit, project, to bounce ideas off of each other, and to share with English teachers across the district.

Digital Lesson Design - Work time to develop a digital lesson of your choosing.