Newspapers & Fliers

In a world filled with websites packed with strong visuals, it is time that we expect our students to give some style on top of the day-to-day substance.

Students, and teachers for that matter, need to consider the visual appeal of items they produce. The following sites give users the opportunity to create beautiful and well designed single pages.
  • - A website that allows anyone to create a simple, but elegant web page. You can include video and images.
  • Lucid Press - This is a more sophisticated tool that allows you to make slick, image rich brochures. 
  • ReadWriteThink Printing Press - Easily create an online newspaper. It isn't the prettiest tool, but it can get the job done.
Create a flier or brochure using one of the above tools to promote one of your classes. Make sure to use at least one image. This isn't just a redux of your syllabus - sell your class!

When finished, submit it this form.