Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers have a variety of instructional uses. In the beginning Inspiration was THE application for student use, but the field is wide open these days. There are two levels of graphic organizing tools.

  • Mindomo Chrome App - A simple and elegant tool that has a free accounts for students if you use the Chrome App.
  • Lucid Chart - Lucid Chart is an amazing tool with dozens of templates that can be customized and allow for collaboration. It is recommended that you use the Chrome App.
  • Coggle - A very simple and nicely designed graphic organizer for making mind maps and other related charts.
  • Text 2 Mindmap - This one has you create a hierarchal list which it then converts to a mind map.


  • Popplet - Collaborative single canvas presentation tool or dynamic mind map. Directly upload from flickr, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Maps or from your computer. Export to Twitter, Facebook, or share link.

    Power Grid

  1. Use one of the above tools to visually show one of the following:
    • Your first unit you plan to cover in September
    • The breakdown of an important concept or idea from your course
    • Attributes needed to be successful in your classroom
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