Photographic Imagination

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words
Most people enjoy taking and looking at photographs. The digital camera / cell phone has made it so easy to take and share photos. There are now great web tools that focus on presenting images in dynamic ways.

Tag a single image with music, video, links, etc.
Thinglink offers Plus accounts to educators
Students: Map of Cortes' Travels | Vacation on the Colorado River |Disneyland in a Day
Teacher Use: WHHS Foundation Grant

Photo collage with narration. No text or videos, just voice. Simple and easy touse.

Photo Portfolios
Crevado | PortfolioBox
Create a classy online portfolio, showcasing your photos for free.

Image Editing & Enhancing
PicMonkey | Pixlr
Online photo editors. Not Photoshop but free, easy access, to basic editing.

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