Google Sheets

Spreadsheets can do so much more than simply crunch numbers and generate charts! Learn a number of tips and tricks to do anything from format text, generate QR Codes, stage work for other Web 2.0 resources, and leverage formulas to make your work more efficient!

Spreadsheet Template: Make a copy of this document. All instructions and materials embedded. Practice and see what you can do!

Screencast Playlist: Also in Spreadsheet Template, here for easier reference.

Sample Assignments  

Overviews describe how used, what students do, "look"of process.  

They are like little demo slams for each assignment.

Climagraph Charts (Global Studies - Overview)
Population Geography (Global Studies - Overview)
WWI Casualty Rates (World History - Overview)
Budget Project (Econ - Overview)
Food Court (Econ - Overview)
Simple Data by State/Country (All Grade Levels - Overview)

Assignment Idea Form / Assignment Idea List

How Do I Get Started Using Spreadsheets?


  • Start w/ the data from Google Forms!

    • Make a single destination for all forms for a class

    • Formatting issues

    • Making simple links

    • Easily getting to and opening several links at once

    • You can make one spreadsheet the home for ALL form data!

For Your Students:

  • Does an existing activity involve some sort of math or charting? Convert it!

  • Start Simple! Get Comfortable and Increase Complexity!

  • Share! Repurpose!


  • Include screencast instructions for students. They are learning!

  • Keep Sheets Small (can you about fit almost entire worksheet on the screen? Less overwhelming!

  • Leverage Worksheets - Give students tangible goals, reference points!

  • How can students USE the information? What can they do with the charts, tables, etc?

  • Have a control for the data: if you want to assign each student a different country or region, have them also do formulas or work on something universal (maybe CA, World, or the US). That way you can more easily check the math!

  • Use highlighting of boxes at first to help students know where to look/work.