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Social Sciences Tech Summit

Social Science #EduWin
Short, timed challenges to increase student engagement, skills, collaboration and content knowledge.

Google My Maps
Get ready to experience Google My Maps through playing with the most mind-blowing, but under-utilized tool your students have in their Google Apps accounts. 


Spreadsheets can do so much more than simply crunch numbers and generate format text, generate charts! Learn a number of tips and tricks to do anything from format text, generate QR Codes, stage work for other Web 2.0 resources, and leverage formulas to make your work more efficient!


Share ideas, strategies and tools that have been successful with your students (including low tech).

Digital lessons and projects can enhance your curriculum by bringing in a wide array of web-based resources and tools. Like any lesson, the design of a digital project must be deliberate, thoughtful, and thorough.

Subject Area Think Tank 
Opportunity to sharing lesson / project ideas and receive feedback.