Screencasting 101

Screencasting Options:
Screencasting that can be saved in the cloud. Record what is on your computer screen.
  • Screencastify - A Chrome Browser Extension. It is free and allows you to easily upload to Google Drive or YouTube.
  • Snagit - A Chrome Browser App. Free and allows for easy upload to YouTube.
  • Screencast-O-Matic - Free, 15 mins, best in Firefox.
  • WeVideo - The premium version of WeVideo lets you record the screen. 
  • Quicktime - Macs
Screencasting for Teachers: 
Screencasting for Students:
  • Record voice into Google Presentation or any digital project
    • Students reflect on what they have learned and / or created
    • Can replace having each student present
    • Keep it short
  • Examples