Maps and Timelines

Leverage technology to let students visually experience the places that they study!  They are relatively simple to set up and can be incorporated into projects and assignments in a variety of ways.

Google Maps

Google Maps allow people to customize trips, tours, and find directions. Users are able to different layers to reflect information, and can place pins on specific locations. In addition, users can add images, text, and youtube video links to their projects.

CCOT Civilizations by Era

Google Map Resources

Google Maps for Education Home Page

How To... (Google’s Official Page)

Google Tour Builder

Where It’s At Map Project w/Screencasts (Global Studies)

Google Cultural Institute:  Great pre-made tours of major landmarks and historical events.  Click on Chevron at top left corner to see more social-science related topics.

Google Lit Trips (Google Maps/Earth Tours based on story line of literature)

Sample Google Map Projects

 Project    Map Portfolio Page
 Global Studies: Climate Zones & Landforms (Ashley) Map   Portfolio Page
 Global Studies Current Events Project (Elizabeth) MapPortfolio Page 
 Global Studies: Globalocity Travel Project (Gracyn) MapPortfolio Page

Timelines & Maps


Geacron: Timeline Database, combines timeframes with maps


Create a simple Google Map that includes text, a couple of images, and a link to a youtube video. Consider: places you traveled this past summer, a quick sketch-up of content related locations, your "bucket list" of places to travel, retool an existing paper-based map assignment to be done digitally (and take to different level using available tools). 

Adjust your sharing setting from private. Insert it into a webpage on your class website. Play around with the other features in toolbar to see how they work!