Demo Slams

1. Kahoot (Dan)

2. Socrative (Jarrod)
3. Tackk (Matt)

4. Remind (Lucas)

5. Fake Social Media (Reuben)

Is Twitter, Facebook, and Texting Taboo?
Provide students this "taboo" experience in a controlled and educational way. Teach digital citizenship while requiring students to use critical thinking by Facebooking, tweeting and texting with "fake" web applications.

The Wall Machine | Fakebook | Fake Status
Students are desperate to use Facebook at school so here is their chance.  Example.

Fake Twitter Tweet
What would they have tweeted if they were alive? Example of what your students could do with 140 characters.
Assignment | Student Examples | Tweet Builder Example
Historical Tweets - professional fake tweets
Students text more than they use any other tool. What better way than to get them to condense ideas into a text conversation.