Whiteboard Review & Socrative

SDAIE Method: Whiteboard Review
Whiteboard Review is a text re-presentation strategy that enables students to plan and to collaborate on answers to questions before responding to them.  It allows for feedback from the teacher in a less threatening situation for students.

Students, working either alone or in small groups,  use an erasable surface to write down answers to questions posed by the teacher.  The questions typically would be either multiple choice, true-false, or short answer.  When prompted, the students display their answers, and the teacher gives feedback. Students then erase the surface that they are writing on, and prepare for the next question.

Digital Solution: Socrative
Socrative holds the potential that the ill fated clickers promised. You quickly collect information from students in a variety of ways, including:
  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer
  • True / False
  • Student Paced Quiz - Immediate Feedback / Student Navigation
  • Teacher Paced Quiz
  • Space Race
Let's Try it Out
  1. First, let's go old school. Everyone have a plate?
  2. Now let's try Socrative.
    1. Go to b.socrative.com
    2. Type in the room: GUHSDtech
    3. Take the Quiz
  3. Look at the results. 
  4. Let's take a look at how it works (more instructions on the Resources page).
  5. Let's do one more activity - the Space Race!
    1. Go back to b.socrative.com
    2. Type in the the room: GUHSDtech
    3. In your groups, take the quiz. You are trying to be the quickest AND most accurate team.
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