Talk Show / Story Stuff & GoAnimate

SDAIE Strategies: Talk Show / Story Stuff
Talk Show is a text re-presentation activity that allows students to write and to perform a "talk show"-like discussion about a topic.  It gives students the opportunity to practice oral presentation while demonstrating knowledge about a text.  

There are several ways to do this activity.  The first one is where a group of students sits at the front of the room, and the teacher plays the role of the "Talk Show Host". Each student is given an index card with his or her "role" in the show on it.  This role might be a character from a story, or any aspect of the text being studied (i.e., an element in an equation being balanced, a US President, etc.)  The "Host" then asks the panelists various questions, designed to evaluate the students' knowledge of the text from their character's point of view.  Another way to use this strategy is to have the students in small groups, and have them write a script for the show.  One of the students plays the part of host, and all of the students 
would be able to demonstrate their knowledge as they re-present the text. 

Story Stuff is a contextualization and bridging activity that helps students work on skills like describing and predicting.  It encourages students to analyze elements of a story, and develops higher level thinking in making connections to a text.

For Story Stuff, the teacher prepares a bag of some kind that contains several objects related to the text. Students reach into the bag and pull out one object at a time.  Then that student will describe the object to the class, and the description will be written on the board.  When all of the objects have been described, the students will make predictions about the text that all these objects delineate.  After this, the text is taught, and the students decide whose prediction was the most accurate.  

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