Storyboard & ToonDoo

SDAIE Strategy: Storyboard
Storyboarding is a text re-presentation strategy that enables students to display their mastery of a particular topic or process in a creative, non-traditional manner.  This is helpful for students to "extend the learning" of a topic.

Students break down a topic into steps or stages, and then graphically depict each section of the text onto a chart made up of that number of squares.  Each square should illustrate a major idea from the text.  Squares may contain a picture of the step in the process, and possibly some student-written text to clarify the graphic.  Once all of the process is portrayed on the story board, students may present their works to the class, or display them.  

Digital Solution: ToonDoo
ToonDoo is a comic strip creation web tool. There are options to upload your own images or use clipart included with the program itself. 

Let's Try it Out
  1. Create a three or four panel ToonDoo about classroom etiquette. Make sure to include a short dialogue between characters.
  2. When finished, Save and Publish.
  3. Submit the finished URL to this form.
  4. Look at your peer's work here.
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