Socrative Resources

Making it Happen in Your Classroom
Teacher Preparation
Unless you are planning to use the quick question option, you will need to prepare your quiz before you start class.
  1. Login into with your Google Account.
  2. Change your class name, by clicking on Menu and My Profile.
  3. Click on Manage Quizzes.
  4. Click on Create a Quiz.
  5. Give the quiz a title and then add your questions (multiple choice, true / false, and short answer). If you have existing questions, you need to either retype or copy and paste.
  6. When finished, go to Save and Exist (top right of screen).
Lesson Implementation
  1. In the Socrative Dashboard, click on Start Quiz.
    1. Select and start the quiz you wish to start.
    2. Select the type of quiz
      1. Student Paced - Immediate Feedback: After each question, students get feedback on their responses.
      2. Student Paced - Student Navigation - Students complete the quiz on their own, with the ability to skip questions and navigate back.
      3. Teacher Paced: Teacher controls the flow of questions. Includes the option of visualizing the response on the screen for each response.
    3. Additional settings include disabling student names, randomize question order, and randomizing answer order.
  2. Have students go to and type in your class room name (changed in #2 above).
  3. They take the quiz. 
  4. During the quiz, you can check progress on the class and individual students.
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