Padlet Resources

Making it Happen in Your Classroom
Teacher Preparation
A Padlet wall can be created on the fly or in advance.
  1. Go to and create an account (although you don't need one to build a wall).
  2. Once you are in, you can hit the "+" icon on the right panel to create a wall.
  3. Click on the Modify wall link to add a title, description (or prompt), and set privacy standards. You always go back and make these changes later, by click on the gear icon.
    1. Title and Description: Properly name it and provide instructions or a prompt for your students.
    2. Layout: Determine if you want it to be Freeform or in a linear Stream
    3. Privacy: You can password protect your wall, make it public, or keep it private
    4. Address: You can customize the URL of the Padlet
  4. Once it is all set up, you can take that URL and link it to your website.
Lesson Implementation
  1. Have students open up the URL from your website. If you have a password, provide it to students.
  2. Show students how to add a post (or just describe it).
  3. Let them go.
  4. Review
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