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SDAIE Strategies: Graphic Organizers
The use of Graphic Organizers is a Metacognitive Development strategy that helps students organize their ideas and thoughts into concrete patterns, which allow students to address content at more complex levels.  Students using graphic organizers are able to become more strategic learners when they recognize their own systematic cognitive structures.

Digital Solution: Lucid Chart
Over the years there have been a number of graphic organizer web tools available. LucidChart has proven to be one of the most robust graphic organizer tools available. 

It has the following features:
  • Drag and drop capable
  • Lots of templates
  • Online
  • Collaborative
  • Integrated into Google Apps
    • Including an Add-on in Google Docs
  1. Sign in through your GUHSD Google Account
  2. Look through the templates
  3. Consider how you will use these with students.
  4. Be prepared to share an idea with the group.
The LucidChart Help Center has great screencasts and tutorials for your use.
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