Found Poem Resources

Making it Happen in Your Classroom
Teacher Preparation
  1. Create a document template.
    1. Find a reading and paste it into a Google Doc.
    2. Change the privacy settings, to Anyone with Link.
    3. Add the TextHelp Study Skills Add-on to the document.
    4. Link the document to your class website.
Lesson Implementation
  1. Direct students to your website and have students make a copy of the document, name it appropriately, and file into their student folder (if available).
  2. Next they should activate the TextHelp Study Skills Add-on through the Add-ons menu item.
  3. Students should then highlight words or phrases from the reading.
  4. When complete, students need to click on the Collect Highlights button.
  5. Students should open up the newly created document, rename, and file it.
  6. In the new document, students should construct their poem ONLY using the words from the original reading.
  7. Take the finished Found Poem into Google Drawing to add graphics, fancy fonts, and a pleasing layout.
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