Found Poem & Google Docs

SDAIE Method: Found Poem
Found Poem is a text re-presentation strategy that helps students make a personal connection to the text. It encourages collaborative creativity, and interaction with the text. 

Students read a text in class or in groups, and then reread the text carefully, selecting words and phrases that they find particularly meaningful, powerful, or important in the passage.  In a group, students share the selected words and phrases, and work together to create a poem from these shared words/phrases, using only the words from the passage and nothing extra, although students may repeat words or change the order of them as desired. Students then select an appropriate title for their poem, and publish it on a flip chart or some other paper. Lastly, students share their poems with the class.

Digital Solution: Google Docs and Drawing

Using a template document in Google Docs sent out via Google Classroom, students identify the words and phrases for the Found Poem with the TextHelp Study Skills Extension. The final poem is artistically presented in a Google Drawing.

Let's Try it Out
  1. Go to
  2. Join the SDAIE Class.
  3. Click on the SDAIE Course and the Found Poem Activity
  4. Activate the TextHelp Extension and highlight the document.
  5. Collect the highlights into a new document.
  6. Construct your poem.
  7. Once finished, create a Google Drawing with your poem. Make it look good! Use images, shapes, different fonts, etc.
  8. Submit your marked-up document AND your Google Drawing via Google Classroom when finished.
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