Chalk Talk & Padlet

SDAIE Method: Chalk Talk
Chalk Talk is a bridging strategy that engages students by encouraging collaborative brainstorming.  

A prompt is displayed on a whiteboard or large sheet of paper.  The class gathers around the paper so that all the students can see it. While the students remain in silence, they may take turns writing answers and/or ideas about the prompt on the board, and responding to each others' comments.  

Digital Solution: Padlet
Padlet is a free "empty canvas" web tool. People can add text, images, links in a style that reflecttraditional post-its. The teacher or students can arrange them as needed or have Padlet present them in a linear fashion.

Let's Try it Out
  1. We going to continue thinking about what Santos said in the first article. 
    Prompt: Technology doesn’t wait until everyone is ready for it. It is innovation. If kids such as Santos are to become future innovators, then they need opportunities to innovate with the tools and technology of tomorrow, not yesterday.
  2. Visit our class Padlet (password: sdaie)
  3. Once there, double-click on the wall. 
  4. In the box, add your name / school (instead of title). Hit return and add your response to the prompt.
  5. Review the responses of others.
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