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Advanced SDAIE 2.0 Web Tools

Welcome to Advanced SDAIE 2.0 Web Tools.  Today, we will be exploring high-tech teaching resources to scaffold lessons for all students as they continue as English Learners.  

Activities using technology in the classroom can no longer be an occasional special event, but must be integrated into the culture of every class. During this session, we will discuss and experience ways to purposefully and effectively blend some of the latest web tools with proven SDAIE best practice methodologies.

Advanced SDAIE Presentation

Answer Garden


  • Actively Learn

    • Google Docs - Provide templates that provide a place to start. Design and layout are important.

      • Teachers work on doc as a student

    • Google Slides - Shared Work Space. Collaborative for class to see all students’ work, individualized because each student has their own slide.

    • Screencasting - Teacher use for demonstrating academic and technical skill development.


Schema Building


Metacognitive Development

Text RePresentation