Science Simulations


1. PhET - Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Earth Science Online Simulations
Example Lesson(s):
*Note: Not all simulations are HTML and can not run on a Chromebook.

Inquiry Activity Based on Trends 
-Size (Coulombs Law) 
-Valence electrons (Lewis dot, Bonding Electrons, Electron Pairs)
Note: Additional simulation(s) under the "view a screenreader - friendly version" [determine the number of valence electrons]
*Students may toggle back and forth to the different groups of the periodic table within the webpage, however, they will lose their work if they use the forward and/or back internet browser button.

Molecular Modeling Program 
        -Building Molecular Models of ANY Molecule in 2-D and 3-D 
        -Molecular Information (Molecular Formula, Molecular Weight, Percent Composition & Spectroscopy (Mass Spec., IRSpec., NMR)
        -Model Representation(s): Ball & Stick, Stick, van der Waals Spheres, Wire Frame, Line (Bond Shape/Geometry)
        -*Molecular Electrostatic Potential (MEP)*
        -Atomic Charge
        -Dipoles (Bond & Molecular)
*MolView also has a data base of known molecules. All molecular models can be exported, saved and printed.*

4. Spreadsheet Graphs & Analysis
        Using spreadsheet to graph, analyze, interpolate and extrapolate data

5. DocHub
Free Google App that allows students to edit (type, draw, highlight, color etc.) any PDF and save directly to their Google Drive.