Read&Write in Science


Read&Write Google:  What is it?  How can I use it?

  • Student Access - students must use their GUHSD Google Accounts to use Read&Write

  • Demo of features -

  • Prediction

  • Dictionary (pictures)

  • Text-to-speech

  • ScreenShot Reader

  • Fact Finder

  • Speech Input

  • Translator

  • Highlighting and Clear Highlights

  • Collecting highlights

  • Collecting vocabulary

  • Voice Note


  • Document analysis: Read and mark-up

    • Go to and join the Science Tech Summit class.  Join code - 774mrcf

    • Open up the assignment titled: 3D Printed Stem Cells

    • Follow the instructions at the top to complete the assignment.

    • Turn in your finished assignments via Google Classroom.

      • You are turning in BOTH the original highlighted document AND the new collected highlights document

      • HINT: You'll need to ADD the collected highlights document to your submission before turning in your work.

Activity 2

  • Document Analysis 2

    • Click on the following link to Top 10 Revolutionary Scientific Theories

    • Instructions

      • Read the article and do the following:

        • In Yellow, highlight Vocabulary Term

        • In Blue, highlight the Main Idea

        • In Green, highlight three Support Facts


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