Teaching from the Cloud

Your preparation will look similar, except you will be using Docs and Slides instead of Word and PowerPoint. You might even collaborate with other teachers on these documents. You would also enable the offline feature on your Chromebook so you can work without wifi.

Maybe you have access to Chromebooks or a computer lab, so you will be moving to more web-based activities. Those Google Drive files can be easily linked to your teacher website for easy student access.

And More
  • Students can take templates you create and make copies of them in Google Drive (instead of you doing it on paper) and complete them online. Then you can collect those assignments through Google Drive. Or Turnitin.com. Or a Google Form.
  • Or you might plug your Chromebook into the projector to should a Google Slide presentation or a website or some other resources.
  • Or you can print a Doc as you normally would and make copies.
  • All school business tasks are already web-based - email, calendar, and attendance.
  • The new Campus Learning gradebook that comes with our new Infinite Campus student information system is full featured. You can even post progress report and semester grades right from the gradebook! And just to make it clear, Campus Learning does not have the significant limitations of Engrade.